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Designed Ecology 

Projects —

  1. (Re)wilding the City, Arup
  2. Urban Animal Hides [WIP]
  3. C.E.Os

  1. #01-#52 [WIP]

  1. More than Human Manifesto
  2. Anti-Anti-Pigeon
     3. Modular Habitats 2.0

  1. Arrogant Urbanism
  2. Sparrow Speculations
  3. Modular Habitats
  4. The Blackbird

Designed Ecology

Designed Ecology is a multidisciplinary design practice, that explores themes of ecological equality and the entanglement of human and non-human species. Founded by Artist-Designer Lauren Davies, Designed Ecology is based in Bristol, South West England.

4. The Blackbird [2018]

UK - Cornwall / 2018
From The Blackbird Short Documentary 

By looking at how rural human-animal relationships differ from that of inner city relationships, this piece of documentary style research seeks to aid in shifting the current perception of wild animals as ‘intruders’, to one that accepts a high level of local ecological inclusion. The films acts as a tool in Designed Ecology’s process for curating empathy towards marginalised species. 

With special thanks to; Gerald Blamey & Karl Davies


Goldsmiths Festival of the Arts 2018
The Blackbird’ exhibited at Goldsmiths University of London, New Cross, South East London. Part of the Goldsmiths Festival of the Arts 2018 launch event, supporting the creative output of students across Goldsmiths University. 17th November 2018..

HYPHEN 2017 Modular Habitats & Sparrow Speculations exhibited at The Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch, London. Part of the Goldsmiths BA Design degree show, summer 2017.