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Designed Ecology 

Projects —

  1. (Re)wilding the City, Arup
  2. Urban Animal Hides [WIP]
  3. C.E.Os

  1. #01-#52 [WIP]

  1. More than Human Manifesto
  2. Anti-Anti-Pigeon
     3. Modular Habitats 2.0

  1. Arrogant Urbanism
  2. Sparrow Speculations
  3. Modular Habitats
  4. The Blackbird

Designed Ecology

Designed Ecology is a multidisciplinary design practice, that explores themes of ecological equality and the entanglement of human and non-human species. Founded by Artist-Designer Lauren Davies, Designed Ecology is based in Bristol, South West England.


1. More than Human Manifesto

UK / 2019
From ‘More than Human Manifesto’


1. To move away from a humanist hierarchy of species and in doing so, critique the attempts of science and philosophy to secure
hierarchies and taxonomies in which to place ‘the animal’

2. To champion conservationism as an intrinsic design principle

3. To apply a thoroughness and exclusivity to the work, ensuring an uninterrupted discourse with relevant academia,
converging disparate narratives

4. To take a circular approach to all production methods, use of materials and installation of outcomes