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Designed Ecology 

Projects —

  1. (Re)wilding the City, Arup
  2. Urban Animal Hides [WIP]
  3. C.E.Os

  1. #01-#52 [WIP]

  1. More than Human Manifesto
  2. Anti-Anti-Pigeon
     3. Modular Habitats 2.0

  1. Arrogant Urbanism
  2. Sparrow Speculations
  3. Modular Habitats
  4. The Blackbird

Designed Ecology

Designed Ecology is a multidisciplinary design practice, that explores themes of ecological equality and the entanglement of human and non-human species. Founded by Artist-Designer Lauren Davies, Designed Ecology is based in Bristol, South West England.


(Re)wilding the City @ Arup

Ten years after artist Fritz Haeg’s groundbreaking initiative ‘Animal Estates’ opened at Arup’s London HQ, Lauren Davies, artist-designer and founder of Designed Ecology, will be speaking to a range of practitioners, including architects, writers, designers and conservationists, about how their work addresses the challenges faced by urban wildlife today.

As nature-centred design goes mainstream, discussions around sustainable cities largely focus on renewable energy, net zero carbon or ‘city greening’. Species affected by habitat loss, light and noise pollution due to rapid urbanisation are often overlooked. Through this series, Designed Ecology seeks to bridge the gap between humans and other forms of life, changing the way animals are perceived and welcomed within urban spaces.” – Lauren Davies, @designedecologie

Watch the six films below or here, on the Arup Phase2 IGTV. 

Arup Phase 2 is a cultural programme that explores the intersection between art, design and engineering.